LCD Display HELP

Hi! I have been trying to program the LCD Display in robot c and haven’t had much luck can someone please help! I just want to know the basics (or if you could send me a link to another forum post or video)…also when I try to download the LCD program to the robot it pops up with this message…
Error: Exception in Message sent from PC by ROBOTC IDE:
Exception Type: ‘System parm read out of range(19)’
Source: opcode message (0x67)
Exception Details: averageBatteryLevel(36)

Does anyone know what this mean?

That error message is implying that the ROBOTC firmware on the cortex is incompatible with the version of ROBOTC you are using on your PC. Update just the ROBOTC firmware (under robot menu) and then try downloading your program again.

There is some explanation of how to program the LCD here.