LCD Display

We need an LCD Display for programming, so if you anyone has one and they want to sell it, we would like to buy it.

I need it to program the Potentiometer, because we have to know the value in potentiometer to program it…
If there is any other way to program it, then I would be pleased to hear about it

Thank you :slight_smile:

An LCD screen is definitely not essential to program your pot.

If you use RobotC you can get the potentiometer value from the live debugger. You will need to select Robot->Debug Windows -> Sensor to view the sensor values.

If you are using EasyC, you can use the printf function to display the pot value.

Good Luck

LCD Screens are nice but you can do the same thing with EasyC or RobotC.

In EasyC you can use the online window or terminal window or graphics display to show the current value of a sensor on your computer screen.

You build your own low cost LCD Display for the VEX Microcontroller using the information in this SERVO article:

Thank you so much.
It really helped and everything works now. :slight_smile:

Thanks Again.