LCD Display

Hello, I want to ask about the advantages of the LCD display, is it worth it to buy or it’s not very important?
Thank you

It’s great if you want to view/manage sensor values and battery levels (voltage), but many competition teams use them to switch autonomous codes…like you can have 4 different auton codes to choose from during pre-auton, so you can be a very versatile/helpful robot to your alliance. I think they’re very very well worth it.

That said, what would you use yours for, if you had one?

I wrote an article (I’m sure readers are shocked) about the LCD screen, including ways that it can be used.

Wow, I’m always shocked at how great new LCD screens look. Ours are all dark gray because the light gray has worn off. :slight_smile:

In my opinion, you shouldn’t get the LCD screen now, that is if you are planning to get V5. If not, then yeah, get it. But if you are going to get V5 then don’t waste money on an LCD because V5 has one built in. Still, it’s your choice, that’s just my opinion.

I’m leaning the same way as @7517j on this one. If you don’t need it now and are moving to V5, skip it. I’m really looking forward to the LCD screens in V5.