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This weekend while in a match we were driving when our cortex restarted making our LCD go back to the auto select screen. This disabled us for the rest of the match. Is there LCD auto choosers that does not go back to the selection screen if the cortex restarts and is hooked up to the filed control system? I am using the sample program on RobotC that they provide.

Please Help

Thank you!

One of my teams had exactly this same problem with their LCD selection after their Cortex kept resetting (maybe from bad black keys?). One of their alliance partners placed this little snippet at the top in the pre-autonomous part of their code, just before the LCD selection. I can’t vouch for it, but the kids never had any problem afterwards during those matches.

if (alreadyRanLCDselection) {

//What then follows is the LCD menu selection contained in a giant while loop....


Another simple fix is to make a task for auton selection. Then have preauton start this task. This method allows you to stop the task either upon an auton being selected or when driver starts.

This means if you just turn the robot on off the field LCD code won’t disable your from driving until you choose an auton.

Thank you for the suggestions. I have tried JPearman program but when ever I download it on our robot and turn it on all the LCD screen says the name of the program.

When I put it in the code is always says that the “if” statement has an error.
Please help?

I think the variable alreadyRanLCDselection needs to be initialized at the top of the program. So perhaps try adding this line to your code before the pre-autonomous section. The int tells the computer that alreadyRanLCDselection is an integer variable.

int alreadyRanLCDselection = 0;