LCD Help

So I was looking into Vex LCDs and I noticed that you can use it as an autonomous selection device and /or a battery level display. I hunted around the forums a little but couldn’t find anything relating to as how you would install a LCD into your cortex (i.e what cables and what ports on the Cortex and LCD). It would be nice to see some sample code (RobotC) that pointed out where to paste my autonomouses for an autonomous selection device.


I recommend not using the LCD for selection. if there is a field hiccup you look the button press. Use it to display the Selection. Use a Pot with a 6 or 12 tooth sprocket to select auton.

Here is the basic info the team i mentor followed to figure out LCD.

The basic structure if i remember correct is:
If (Pot<=MINVAL1)
displayLCD (“Auton1”)
else if (POT<=MINVAL2)

if (LCDButtons=button1)
display batter voltages
else if (LCDButtons=button2)
turn off display
else if (LCDbuttons=button3)

case 1:
code for 1,
case 2
code for 2


I wanted it so that I can select my autonomous through an LCD but it also has a preset autonomous that will always run. I don’t have the space or materials to set up a pot with a 6 or 12 tooth sprocket but it seems like a good choice with those who have more materials.

This site by renegade robotics really helped me to understand the lcd for autonomous selections:
link text

Here is an example program I made for beginners.

It avoids the common problem people have with LCD autonomous selection code, breaking everything if you ever restart.