LCD programing Help

We just got the Lcd Screen for our bot and plan on using it for NBN but We really Don’t Know how to program it Help lol:confused:

I just uploaded our program in this thread. We relied heavily on LCD to do testing and debugging to a point where the only thing we need the computer to do is changing autonomous. Everything else is done with LCD interface.

At one time we even attempted to use potentiometer to directly tweak certain turn/drive values, but we never made that happen. Only if we had time to plug in one more potentiometer! But if that were made happen, we would have been able to change auton values without changing codes in computer and redownloading.

Take a look and feel free to ask questions!

Have you taken a look at the sample programs in robotc? They are very helpful.

We Are Using Easy C

Have you checked out the samples for easyC or looked at the help file for LCD?

File -> Open -> Samples

Help -> Programming -> Function Blocks -> LCD