LCD Robot Shutdown

We are also experiencing this issue. It just recently started about 2 days ago. What happens is that the LCD screen will cause the robot to stop working and we have to go press the LCD button again. Why is this happening now and not before and what are some ways to fix this? I made a new thread for this because I wasn’t able to reply in the official Tech Support threads.

This will happen if you have the following scenario.

  1. You have LCD code in pre-auton that wait’s for user input.
  2. The robot resets during a match for some reason like the battery connector is loose.

The solution, when you enter pre-auton check if the robot is enabled and skip the LCD code.

This is an issue that has always occurred and I feel will continue to occur until a new cortex is released with a stronger and less sensitive battery port. Essentially, your battery connection shakes a bit causing your cortex to lose the power of the battery for a split second and then regaining that power again, reestablishing your vex net connection, but when that happens with a LCD screen, you have to press the button on the LCD screen in order to be able to access the driver control mode again assuming that the screen is set to be able to choose between different autonomous routines at the start of the match, which is the purpose that most people use their LCD screen for.

I believe this is what @jpearman was talking about. (Sorry if this is the incorrect use of the function, I have never used it before.

void pre_auton()
	if(bIfiRobotDisabled == true)
		//LCD Code here

Yes, that’s basically what you need to do. It can be made slightly more complicated by also detecting that the competition switch is also plugged in.

Ok thank you SOOO much for your help. I’ll be sure to put that into my program and report back the results.