LCD screen

We are attempting to program multiple autonomous’ using the LCD screen. Can anybody show or explain some sample programing. All i can find is programing for other things not autonomous. We are using RobotC 4.0.

I’m not sure what your query terms were, but I found results aplenty. This thread ought to get you started.

Kaleb, have you gone to: open sample programs, LCD, code chooser?
Find this sample program, it may be helpful to you.

Alrighty guys thanks for all the help. Ill try it on Thursday when i have a computer and can program. I just must not bave been looking in the right places.

I actually wrote a basic program a while ago; there’s a link in my signature. I think it will do most of what you want, but you will need to customize it. If you want I can upload the latest copy with various developments since the posted version.