LDCad Not Showing Parts

I am using LDCad, and when I try to use it, none of the parts show up. I downloaded the VEX IQ parts, and I unzipped the file. I’ve also tried uninstalling it and installing it two times, and the dialogue box didn’t show up either times.

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Can you share a screenshot?

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Here are some screenshots:
hmm hmmness
The second one is what I click on, and the first one is what happens when I click on it.

Hmm - when you hover over one of the blank squares, does any additional text appear in the bar at the bottom? For example:

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 6.25.13 PM

Also, just to confirm - in addition to downloading and unzipping the parts library, you’ve pointed LDCad at the location where you unzipped it?

(Confirm this by going to Prefs > LDraw > Search (Library) Paths - the file path of your parts library should show up in the window that appears; if not, add it to the list)


Yes, the text does appear. Also, I did the second part.

Each of those “blank tiles” should lead you to a different category of parts - what happens if you click on one of them? Do you get a bunch of parts, or just a longer list of blank tiles?

I was able to replicate the behavior you’ve described so far by making the path to my parts library wrong in that window - are you absolutely sure that the library path LDCad is pointed at is correct?

(also, LDCad on my system seems to insist that the library path ends in a forward slash (\), but I’m not quite sure whether that’s a “feature” of LDCad in general or just my slightly non-standard LDCad setup)


It just leads me to more blank tiles.
Sorry, I don’t know what you mean.

When I select “Prefs > LDraw > Search (Library) Paths” in LDCad, this is the window that appears:

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 6.49.32 PM

(the highlighted entry is the one we’re interested in; the one with type “donors” is added automatically by LDCad)

The “Location” for that entry should be a path to wherever you put your parts library (note, mine is a bit weird because I’m running LDCad in wine on a Mac - your path would probably look something like C:\Users\{your username}\Documents\whereever\ or something like that) - are you 100% sure that the path in that entry is the location of your parts library?

If you have SnapCAD installed on your system, then your parts library is probably at C:\Program Files(x86)\VEX Robotics\SnapCAD. If you don’t have SnapCAD installed, then you should’ve downloaded the parts library (using the link “parts package” at the top of this page) and unzipped it somewhere on your machine, such as your documents folder.

If you downloaded the standalone parts library, then the folder you’re pointing LDCad at should have 2 folders in it, one called p and another called parts, both of which are mostly full of .dat files. If you’re using the library from an existing SnapCAD install, then the p and parts folders will still be there, but there will also be some additional SnapCAD-related stuff – that’s OK as long as p and parts are there.


Yes to all those things.

Hmm… this really looks like a missing parts library to me…

Probably the next thing I would try is to completely delete your LDCad install (probably somewhere like C:\Program Files\LDCadVEX), as well as your parts library, and reinstall LDCad using these instructions.

In addition to installing everything fresh, that guide will walk you through installing the latest version of LDCad and making the modifications to use it for IQ, rather than the installer on Philo’s site which ships with a slightly out-of-date version of LDCad.


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