LDraw parts for VEX IQ

I am in the process of creating LDraw models of VEX IQ parts, allowing you to document your robots using LDraw editors such as MLCad or SR3D builder. You will also be able to create building instructions using LPub. These models are based on VEX CAD models.

Parts done are available here. The job is far from beeing completed yet (eg. none of electronics parts are available!) but structural parts and connectors are done so you can start the test…
Available parts are listed here.


Thank You! …‘publicly’. Looking good and CAD’ing with with ease.

Nice :slight_smile: I was struggling with the VEX assembler. I understand how it works, but I’m finding it too temperamental. Any timeline on the motors? That would be all I’d need to CAD my basic design

Hope for the next release end of week, with the motor…

Thanks Philo.

I think there are a couple things missing:
“0 VEX Bracket 2 Wide Base 2 x 2 Tab” is missing “1 16 0 -2.5 0.3 16 0 0 0 0 -2.5 0 -15.9 0 box3u10p.dat”

“0 VEX Bracket Corner 1 x 1 x 1” is missing “1 16 -13.5 0 8 0 -2.5 0 -15.6 0 0 0 0 7.7 box3-9a.dat”

We tried VEX assembler and failed, we will give this one a try.

Building instructions…

These are unofficial (but certified) primitives, download them from
and place them in your LDraw\p folder.

Great work Philo!
Have you considered including necessary primitives in the VEX IQ parts pack to make this a single install “hit and run” package?

Yes I did… but actually I didn’t realize that these widely used primitives were not yet official :wink:
I’ll make a complete check after finishing the parts (parts number wise, I’m half way through… but significantly further complexity wise). For the next release, you should get the smart motor and the 12/36/60 tooth gears.

It may be nice to see a ‘generic’ sensor…

Not the upcoming release, probably next one. Presently I’m working on the brain, a tough one…


Is there anything you need from VEX to make it a bit easier on you?


Thanks Paul for your offer, but I don’t think so… The STEP files are great, and I found a tool chain to convert them to LDraw format. After that it’s just a tedious job of subparting them properly to make them easily usable by LDraw editors. Also need to substitute as many primitives as possible (pin holes, axle holes, etc) to get automagically connectivity in SR3Dbuilder, and create connectivity definition files when this is not possible.

I’m not familiar with MLCad and SR3Dbuilder, are they freeware?

SR3Dbuilder is the only one with a paid version, all other LDraw editors are freeware. Paid version has some advanced possibilities, especially for animation of mechanisms, but the free version already has a lot of possibilities and no restrictions for building models. MLCad is one of the most well know, but its interface and possibilities are quite outdated (it has not been updated for years). There are other usable editors too such as LDcad, actively developped today with a lot of possibilities (but I am not used to it). It also run on Linux, as does LeoCAD (this one was my favorite editor before I switched to SR3Dbuilder). And if you use a Mac, Bricksmith is the tool of choice.

Mmmm, I run Windows 8.1, 64 bit. Not sure of memory as I am at work and the computer is at home.

AFAIK there is no problem with this OS. No personal experience though, I use W7 64 bit.

For those interested in using MLCad…it is very easy to use and somewhat easy to get started. Since Philo has converted/magically many of the VEX IQ parts for use in MLCad…below is a link to tips for applying favorite parts into the ‘Favorites’ Part Tree Group Listing. Philo arranged for the new VEX parts to be placed in MLCad’s Part Tree ‘Other Parts\V’ listing…which is awesome! But, I and many other users might like to use these tips and the old ways since the methods changed with MLCad 3.40. I have attached an MLC_Favorites.txt file below of only the VEX IQ parts which Philo has converted thus far and I will update this file as he releases more parts. The cool thing is that the parts can be arranged or re-odered for personal preference.

Here is the “Attachment” VEX IQ MLCad Part Favorites file. You will need to rename it to ‘MLC_Favorites.txt’ after downloading it from here. Be sure to visit the link below for the tips on how to use this file.
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