LDraw parts for VEX IQ


A little video showing SR3D builder mechanical animation capabilities, applied to VEX Ldraw parts!



Philo, your work is amazing!
I just downloaded the library and documenting a robot that would be otherwise lost in oblivion. :smiley:


New update is available!
In this release:

  • Brain + battery
  • Sensors (bump sensor still missing)
  • Pulleys
  • 100mm travel tire
  • Worm gear and its support bracket, crown gear


Thank You Philo! Great work!

To help others using MLCad with these parts…I have posted an easy tip that will show you how to alter the Grid Step Settings for the buttons used to move and position the new VEX IQ parts. These setting changes will maintain connection point alignments and improve your build times. Follow the tip steps at the link below!



Ah - yes, I meant to do something similar… Thanks for doing it for me :wink:


These images were sized down per forum upload limits. LDView can render very large HD images with optional transparent backgrounds. Mastering the settings is another story. The Bump Sensor has not been converted yet. Thanks goes to Philo!


Posting pictures in the forums seems to be broken…for me anyway. Below are two images of the VEX IQ electronic elements.



The forum image upload function is broken…at least for me. Here is a link for two images of the newly converted electronic elements. Thank You Philo!


Great images! but I think that using Dark Bluish Grey (code 72) instead of Dark Grey (code 8) would be more faithful to the original part color…


I was going to discuss the colors yesterday with you. I noticed the color differences and looked into the files you released. Some of the light gray sensor shell subparts are noted in their .dat files as using the Light Bluish Grey and others using the Dark Bluish Grey. The images I posted are of regular dark and light gray colors. I did think you were using the 71 and 72 colors so I changed to them…to discuss with you later. More when I get back to my cad’ing PC. We just need to post a note so everyone is using the same colors.

Edit: I changed the updated the pictures with copies using the correct colors.



When I use LPUB, the length numbers don’t come through. Is there somewhere in the .dat file that specifies this?



Unfortunately this is a feature hard-coded in LPub, triggered by parts descriptions (first line of .dat files). The only possibility is to rename the VEX parts the same way as LEGO ones, but then you’ll loose proper parts sorting. I don’t even know precisely the criteria used by LPub…


Edit: I have an idea that should be working. More later…


And here is the solution, an excerpt of the explanation in my web page:
“It is convenient to see beam and axle length in LPub part list. Unfortunately, LPub uses hard-coded names to trigger generation of part length, and these descriptions are meaningless for VEX parts. To solve this issue, I have prepared a set of parts with edited descriptions. These parts (in “ForLPub” folder for distribution archive) need to be copied in your LDraw parts folder. The batch in this folder (ForLPub.dat) does just that, but you’ll need to edit it to set your own LDraw path. When you are done with LPub, do a similar operation from “ForEdition” folder to restore meaningful part description. Note that is is NOT necessary to rebuild LDraw part list after these operations.
Part orientation: To get correct orientation of LPub part list, set orientation of parts to +45° longitude instead of default -45° (configuration > part list setup > contents tab).”


Here is a link to the VEX IQ - LDraw/MLCad Color Matching list and an MLCad tip.



Ya’ll are just so on top of this stuff. :o


Thanks for the update.
When I replaced the LPUB .dat files, the plates disappeared. I checked the files,
and noticed that the name is wrong
" Electric Cable NXT" and then the size.



When you are in lpub mode, descriptions are plain stupid (using “Electric Cable NXT” is the only way to display what I want in part list), but everything should come back to normal when you are in edition mode. What exactly do you mean with “the plates disappeared”?


Sorry, I was cryptic. The plates disappeared from the MLCAD VEX subtree because of the naming.
I now understand that I have to manually replace those files to publish with LPUB.


Grant, it seems that parts 228-2500-225 and 228-2500-226 (Twist Lock Shaft Collar parts) are missing too…