LDraw parts for VEX IQ


New release! This time with sprocket wheels, chains, intakes and… bump switch!


Philo! You Rule Big Time! Thank You!



Philo is the man!!!


In order to make an extensive test of the parts, I made a model of my color sorter… Looks pretty good :slight_smile:
Click on image to see full scale.


Looks pretty coo!! I’m trying to wrap my mind around your design… LoL.


To avoid you headhache I posted a video… http://www.vexiqforum.com/forum/main-category/vex-iq-robot-showcase/2627-color-sorter


Very very cool!! Love how the touch button shows the color the robot just saw.


Do we know what the final colour for the dark grey parts is going to be (and what the corresponding LDraw colour number is)?


No, not really… I assumed Dark Bluish Gray (72) but its an approximation at best (my parts have widespread shade variation!)


At VEX Worlds…I was told we are close enough in the VEX darker gray (ldraw #72 Dark Bluish Gray) and the the lighter gray shades of the beams were a mistake by the supplier. Also, I believe that the VEX Red color is actually closer to Dark Red (#?) In ldraw…and that the red has been replaced with “VEX Blue” which is “Bright Blue” (#?) in ldraw. I will make a new color chart with all of the colors and numbers soon…we could look at it and make some comparisons.


I have noticed that not all my parts were the same shade of grey and assumed that it was a difference in the various runs. So now the gears and sprockets are going to be manufactured in blue? Wow, I can’t wait till time goes by and my kits are going to be collector’s items… LoL.


Dark Red is Color 320. There is no “Bright Blue” in ldraw. LEGO uses name “Bright Blue” for regular blue (LDraw Color 1). I used Medium_Blue (code 73) in VEX logo on brain and motor… It seemed to match, but I may be wrong…


Philo, Chris:

For reference, the RGB values of VEX IQ colors are:

		Light Grey
		RGB: 217, 217, 214
		Color of the light grey pins used in the HEXBUG VEX Robotics (HVR) models like Scarab, Spider, Strandbeast, and Ant
		Medium Grey
		RGB: 137.141.141
		Color of VEX IQ wheel hubs, and the middle band on the Robot Brain and motors/sensors
		Dark Grey
		RGB: 84, 88, 90
		Color of VEX IQ base set beams, and the outer bands on the Robot Brain and motors/sensors
		RGB: 118, 35, 47
		Original color of the pins/gears in VEX IQ base set in 2013 and 2014. It was the same color as used in the earlier VEXplorer kits.
		It was replaced by Blue in early-mind 2014.
		RGB: 0, 119, 200
		Standard VEX IQ brand color
		RGB: 210, 38, 48
		Add-on set color available in mid 2014. Same as VEX EDR brand color.
		RGB: 255, 103, 31
		Add-on set color available in mid 2014. Same as HEXBUG brand color.
		RGB: 255, 205, 0
		Add-on set color available in mid 2014.
		RGB: 0, 150, 57
		Add-on set color available in mid 2014. Same as VEXpro brand color.
		RGB: 95, 37, 159
		Add-on set color available in mid 2014.
		RGB: 229, 109, 177
		Add-on set color available in mid 2014.
		RGB: 0, 0, 0
		Color of Corner Connectors, Rubber Tires, Rubber Shaft Collar
		Translucent clear, no color hue or tint
		Lime Green
		RGB: 181, 189, 0
		Color of the HVR Scarab set parts
		Dark Blue
		RGB: 0, 51, 160
		Color of the HVR Strandbeast set parts


  • Art


Thanks Art. Since most LDraw users are not used to make subtle change in colors, we’ll try to match at best existing LDraw colors with these values.

Where can I read something about HVR sets?
Otherwise, can you check this: it seems that parts 228-2500-225 and 228-2500-226 (Twist Lock Shaft Collar parts) are missing in CAD release package…???


Thank You Art! Perfect!

Philo & Art… are the various rubber tires and wheels (and OmniWheel) also missing from the VEX 3D CAD release package?

…AND the Stick Controller and Wireless Radio Cartridges…also the new Magnetic Beam Pair?

Not terribly important…The VEX Storage Bin, Lid, Divider, and Tray. Since it is part of my robot Vexporter I thought I would ask.


Thanks for pointing that out. Twist Lock Shaft Collars (228-2500-225 and 228-2500-226) have been added to the “Shafts, Shaft Collars, Washers” folder and the higher level folders.

STEP files for those parts are available on the official VEX IQ CAD Downloads page (except for the Magnetic Beam Pair). It’s possible that Philo hasn’t ported them over to LDraw yet.


I intended to post the answer below yesterday but it seems that I missed the “post” button :wink: The autosave feature of this forum is a great thing!
Anyway - thanks Grant for the missing parts. Can you confirm the part numbers for the magnetic beams? I guess that P/N: 228-3167 is for the set, not for the parts themselves?

Philo & Art… are the various rubber tires and wheels (and OmniWheel) also missing from the VEX 3D CAD release package?

No, they are there, as well as Stick Controller and Wireless Radio Cartridges - just not yet converted.
I was not aware of these nice parts! I have no 3D file for them but they are very easy to model from photos. The thing I miss is the part number for each color.

Not terribly important…The VEX Storage Bin, Lid, Divider, and Tray.

I have nothing for these, but I didn’t intend to model them either :wink:



The part numbers for the Magnetic Beams are:

228-3167-010 - South Pole Magnetic Beam
228-3167-020 - North Pole Magnetic Beam

We’ll get CAD models of these up shortly!

As for more information on the HVR models, the HEXBUG team will be creating these webpages on their website www.hexbug.com soon as we move closer to the launch in stores this summer.


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Thanks Art - one more question, which one is red, south one or north one? What about a HAL effect sensor to complement them? :wink:


The South Pole is the black cap, the North Pole is the red cap.