LDraw parts for VEX IQ


Is there a file with all the necessary unofficial parts to make the latest complete set of VEX IQ parts work?


@jsan31: Thanks for this tutorial!
@Jetro: Good question… I had a look, and it turned out that only 3 unofficial files (primitives) were needed. I slightly modified a bunch of files, and the parts archive on my website no longer needs any unofficial file!


Brilliant! Thanks Philo!


With the imminent release of SnapCAD, here is a quick word about the set of unofficial LDraw parts that will be incorporated into SnapCAD.

  • when creating the library of parts for SnapCAD, we realized that we could improve the ease of use by changing the origin of many parts (most parts connects directly while using SnapCAD coarse grid).
  • The drawback of this change is that SnapCAD library is not fully compatible with this preliminary library: when opened in SnapCAD, models built with the old library will show slightly offset parts in many places and will need to be (at least partially) rebuilt. I am sorry for that (I should have had more insight initially!).
  • This library will not be updated with new parts, but of course SnapCAD library will get them.
  • So... use the old library only for small projects till SnapCAD is available!


I’m excited to hear that all your parts will make it into SnapCAD. I’m willing to put up with the off parts for earlier models.

Thanks for making this happen!


In preparation for RingMaster, I have authored the 8-length standoff, 228-2500-1061 (-3449- in the part list due to the yellow color). Based on the 228-2500-070a by Philo. Enjoy!

228-3616-1117 would be a little harder, but easy to simulate well enough using 1x7, 1x9 and 1x11 beams in a submodel…

228-2500-1061.txt (5.02 KB)


The VEX IQ kit elements are represented by only a few different colors. Some users have expressed opinions that the colors are somewhat dull or utilitarian and industrial. I rather like the limited number of colors and it makes the process of CAD’ing the system quick and easy. Each color used in LDraw editors (such as MLCad) have names and numbers to aid color choices matching specific elements. These colors can be set within the MLCad toolbar for quick-click color choices.

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