League for VEX IQ?

Anyone doing leagues for VEX IQ… We host 4 small events at our school throughout the season and we were asked this year to consider a league instead.

We’ve done Leagues with IQ, they’re great.

League Play allowed us to deliver a competition experience in smaller pieces. League play split the typical event into shorter segments that are hosted on multiple days. Our League Play sessions were usually only a few hours long and are scheduled several weeks apart. It was a good experience for the students, parents and coaches.

How many teams?.. How many different organizations were involved? How many sessions? Did the location have to be set up and torn down?

Here is a guide for organizing league play. It’s a few years old, but it’ll give you a taste of what to expect and what is expected.
Keep in mind it is not up-to-date; it appears the current version is not out yet (presumably would be posted here when it’s ready).

How many teams? & How many different organizations were involved?
Last year we had 20 teams register in our League, but had capacity for 28 teams. There were 7 different organizations that registered.

Did the location have to be set up and torn down?
That’s up to you, we moved each League Session to a different school that was participating (giving each school an opportunity to showcase their program). So there was setup & tear down. With everyone pitching in, it took about a 1/2 hour on each side. (3 fields, electronics, etc).

I think most other people use a consistent location that’s already setup, which would be even easier. Show up, check-in, do your matches and head out.

league? do yall mean tournament or organisation ??

Check the guide posted further up for more information on league play.

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