Leaks in pneumatics

We are having leaks in our pneumatics system and we think its coming out of one of the releases.

Make sure you check all your connections and see if they have nylon tape on them, this works nicely for making things air tight. Check your releases when the pressure is at max (if it can reach) If it can’t reach it you probably have a severe leak somewhere.

This can vary from a bad cylinders, bad solenoids, malfunctioning release valves, loose hose and anything along those lines.

I hope you find your problem quickly. If you have any more questions just ask.

  • Andrew

You can also do the bubble test (put the fitting under water and look for bubbles), but don’t get the solenoids wet (electronics+water=-$$$).
You can also try disconnecting different parts of your system until the leak stops so you know which part it is in.

I’ve had issues with the Kit 2 solenoids leaking and the Kit 1 solenoids spazzing out (randomly firing), so sometimes it’s just better to replace what’s not working and try to fix it separately.

In terms of more common leaks, make sure the hose ends have clean cuts, the connections are clean (no gunk), and all the connections are tight.