Learn more about coding in RobotC

Where is a good place to learn more in depth coding within RobotC, I.E.; tutorials, walkthroughs, etc…
Any sites that you would recommend?
I understand it is based on C, would it be best to just learn C?
Thanks in Advance!

Hey Daniel,

I would point you to two resources we have available:

  1. The VEX Cortex Video Trainer - tons of free tutorial videos that show how to use motors, sensors, remote control, etc. in ROBOTC.
  2. The ROBOTC Wiki - full documentation on all of the keywords in ROBOTC, along with additional tutorials.

The two resources I pointed you to are very much catered for ROBOTC on a robot. Just learning C would also be very helpful, but there are keywords that we’ve added for controlling motors and sensors that you won’t find in a more generic resource.