Learning basic RobotC

I plan to use RobotC to program for the next and subsequent years. I’m familiar with coding (more than just EasyC), so I don’t think I need a full tutorial on structure, but could somebody run through the basic commands, like setting a motor, reading a sensor, reading joystick inputs, etc.?

Carnegie Mellon has a great on line course here

I taught myself RobotC in one day using this course.

JPearman actually made a really good comparison chart of all four prevalent Vex languages. Here it is:

I’d happily Skype with you about it (codysmith105) so long as you don’t mind me making a YouTube video out of it so that others can learn this as well.

I’d love that. However, I’ll be busy/on vacation (read: limited access to computer) for the next month. If you’re willing do that mid/late July, we can probably work something out.