LED help

i am having lots of trouble trying to program leds to activate during a program so i can see when my program breaks and goes into its next step. also is it possible to program them to turn on so we can see when the Ultra sonic sensor is a certian distance.

PLZ Help

You need to configure the Digital I/O pins connected to the LEDs as outputs using Easy C or PIC18 C or Robot C. Also make sure that you connect the LEDs to the correct I/O pin on the VEX Microcontroller Digital I/O block and insure that each LED is connected with the Cathode (notched side of the LED) inserted into Ground (-) and the Anode Pin inserted into the Digital Output.

It is possible to have an LED light up a when the Ultrasonic Ranger is a given distance from a target by just assigning the digital output pin connected to the LED to 1 (On). To turn the LED off, just set the digital output pin to 0.

If you want a more detailed explanation for using LEDs with the VEX Microcontroller, read the articles relating to Electronic VEX experiments published in SERVO magazine in 2010.

ok i will try that. thanks