LED Indicator light turns on BEFORE program is run?

Hello all! Newbie here… I am working on a VEX V5 TestBed for a PLTW class. I inserted three LED lights directly into the 3-wire ports on the end of the V5 brain and one of them stays lit at half power all the time whether the program is running or not. When I program the lights to stay on, all three are bright while the program is running. When the program is finished, the one light stays on at half power. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?
Thanks in advance for any help!!

Once the program finishes the 3 wire ports revert to being inputs, so operation if leds are plugged in is undefined.


Thank you for your response! I appreciate your time. Is there a way to define them or do they just do what they do? I am finding it odd that two of the LEDs (plugged directly into the 3 wire ports) are off completely and only one is on, but at half power. I apologize if I’m not completely understanding.