LED License Plate Legality

I’m designing a license plate with LED. I plan to use black 3D printing material to make it and then install LED light strips on the top and bottom slots, and change the alliance by switching the LED color, I want to know if this is legal? If not legal, what kind of LED license plate is legal?

This is my LED license design.


Not legal, because the color needs to remain even with an electronics failure. Sorry.


So, does this mean that all LED license plates are not legal?

Under your understanding. does that mean if I make a red or blue 3D printed license and install the LEDs, it will be perfectly legal.

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Your original design is illegal, but you can have a 3D printed plate of the color of your alliance. that’s what my team currently does, all it needs are the numbers clearly visible like painting them white. You can’t use LED’s for that type of lighting.


The game manual spells out the requirements and there are others beyond red and blue.


Something you could do is create a custom light set with your team number being made out of white LEDs and then print a set of red and blue plates with a cutout for the lights/numbers. Because this would make the plate remain the correct alliance color/the numbers still be white even with a electrical failure, it should be in compliance with R24


Thank you. I will change our license plate design to use white LED numbers for the team license plate

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