LED light strip legality

Hello, I was looking into the legality of installing an led light strip on our robot. This led strip would serve as a nonfunctional decorative light illuminating the bottom side of our robot as a sort of underglow. I was looking through older threads and I could find that these are legal but people haven’t found a legal way to power them. What would be a legal way to power 9v led strips and could the backup battery be used to power the leds since it is a legal power source on the robot?


I believe that it is illegal to power it with a 9 volt battery, however it is legal to power it off of a port on the cortex. We have a set of blue led lights that we plug into an extra motor port to power them with enough voltage.

Reference of previous ruling in previous game…


It’s Arduino but you can see what is goign on and the steps needed. That only does 5v output per port.

Would this one work? Says 5.5V needed

Controlling all three channels of RGB could take up three motor ports. Not sure you want to use that much space.

Just be careful not to break anything… See all the caveats at NeoPixels… Not just plug it in and let er rip…