led mounting

Hi All,
This is my way of mounting led’s onto the robot. I usually use electrical tape but one time i drilled a small hole and had it mounted on a threaded standoff. The led’s use about 2 volts each and 20ma so to use them with 5 volts i use a 47ohm resistor.

Hope you like them:)

That’s so cool! Are you going to make instructions?

Very well done. I also built something like that. I used two high intensity white LEDs and mounted them in one of the Vex Delrin Bearings.
They make good headlights, and are bright enough to see on a cloudy day. You could make Either these or trainmania’s simply by saudering a resistor to each LED, (47 ohm for his, 1K ohm for mine) and securing them in place with tape, hot glue, etc… I used hot glue, as I can get it off later and it still looks pretty good. Just plug 'em into the black and red ports on one of the Vex extension cables. There are also premade options for sale in various places such as this one.
The last picture is terrible., but the LED’s worked great in the crawlspace under my house.