LED Strips


LED Strips (Such as these http://www.lightingever.com/12v-led-strip-light-3528-4100057-ww.html?gclid=CJ6EgOfOv8ICFQEaaQodFHsAhw*) haven’t been legal in the past as anything other than a non-functional decoration I.E. not powered on during match play. Although I don’t know, I would assume this was because it would either require a separate power source or it would have to be modified to work with a cortex (Potential for cortex damage if done incorrectly).

I don’t think I’ve ever seen these suggested as a Vex part, but I think they would be a great addition along the same lines as the Speaker. They could provide visual feedback during matches, just as some teams use the speaker for audio feedback, and would promote more intelligent programming to take advantage of sensors during driver-control by many teams.

The current vex LEDs are good, but it’s too much trouble to wire a bunch together and just a few isn’t high enough visibility to be effective during a match.


*Probably not the correct specs, but they were the first thing to come up on google for an example :stuck_out_tongue:

the reason your not aloud to have them on during a match is because they can mess with other robots sensors like the light sensor and line followers

But you ARE allowed to have them. It was asked in an official Q&A. As long as you can install them without breaking any existing rules.

I know your allowed to have them, my robot has ground effects. I was saying that your not allowed to use them while your robot is playing in a match. they are not match legal


This Q&A implies the lights are legal, even in a match, as long as you can find a legal way to power them.

Line follower measures the infrared reflection of the surface, which is basically the color of the surface. It is little affected by lighting and is a pretty stable sensor. I have seen teams using lighting decorations in tournaments and they are legal. But I am not sure about those that are intended to distract opponents’ sensors~

Decorations intended to mess with other robots’ sensors most likely are not in the spirit of the competition.

ok its just that’s what the referee at my competitions said.

And at this point they wouldn’t really be decorations. They are an intentional strategy to mess with opposing robots. Definitely not legal in that context.

But using LED’s just to look cool on the field during a match…totally legal!