LED strips

Does anyone put LED strips on their robot? If so, can anyone recommend a product for me?

We’ve thought of this as well. It would look amazing.

When I was in highschool I put leds on a robot. I had to power the Arduino from the digital port on the cortex.

Look for USB led strips on eBay, as these will run on 5V. Snip off the connector and solder on one with which you can plug it into a digital port on the cortex. I would recommend searching the forum, as there have been many threads that go into great depth about this subject.

You can also get away with Y-cabling the LEDs to the 9V backup battery, as long as the 9V is also still connected to the cortex. That being said if you have extra ports go ahead and put them in. Extra style points for putting them in a motor port and varying power for pretty light effects. Note for this you will have to solder your own Y cable setup for the correct pin orientation.

Sorry mate but as the question was posted almost 2 yrs ago, I doubt they are still looking for a solution. Please don’t revive old threads.


I have a tutorial on YouTube. I also posted the answer here.