LED touch/motor/sensors etc will not work?

Please forgive me if this is repetitive - help is appreciated since my son is crazy in love with robotics and this set (this was his second summer of robotics), but I am of little use to him.
He cannot make anything other than the general/basic robot base wheels work via the brain. He wants to connect the LED touch or any of the other sensors but nothing happens when he does (we are connected them to the ports as directed in the instructions). It is plugged in but the on screen menu does not allow him access to any “in screen instructions” as listed in the directions included with the set to calibrate the controller. He is reporting the same problem with motors.
THANK YOU in advance for help, directions, or suggestions! Poor kid is so frustrated and I am clueless in this arena.

Hello Aidansmom,

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The IQ Brain comes pre-programmed with basic functions for the sensors, if you would like to use the sensors just select the following on the screen of your brain: Demos> Sensors.
Once selected you should be able to drive the robot with the controller, except this time the robot will react to the environment based on the input from the sensors.

You mentioned that the screen does not allow you to access any instructions, can you please elaborate on that?
Is the screen just blank or damaged?

We will await your response.