LED vex v5 question

Hey is there any LEDs that come just with 3 pin connectors? or everyone basically solders it on?


These? You can plug these into 3-wire ports and extension cables and turn them on and off through software.

Soldering is pretty much universally illegal for VRC (except for non-functional decorations).

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if you are talking about decorative LED strips then they need to be on a seperate power source. If not then those linked above will work

This is not true; decorative LED strips can use power provided by the brain.


my bad
it says you can power lights on a seperate source, it doesnt ban powering from brain.
You are right

If you’re talking about LED strips, and you want to connect it to the brain you can likely buy a female USB plug and solder it to a VEX two pin connector:
Note: Only positive and negatives will be utilized, so you only need a two pin connector


which one do i buy on amazon.ca? like do i buy a female to male end and just cut off the male end?

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