whats the rule with decoration leds on a robot? I want some really bright ones on our robot like under glow. Any suggestions?

If they’re VEX LEDs, then they’re probably completely legal. If they’re not, then they must be nonfunctional and safe. So, they can’t manipulate scoring pieces and they can’t blind anyone. Other than that, however, I assume they’re legal.

VEX sells LEDs that can be programmed as a digital out sensor like pneumatics.

How are you to power these LEDs?
Although this was from last year, I’m pretty sure the GDC will maintain (at least) this level of scrutiny towards non-VEX power sources: https://vexforum.com/t/answered-power-sources-for-non-functional-decorations/17949/1&highlight=Battery

This question probably should be asked in the official Q&A, due to its implications on safety…


i was going to use a battry pack. a bunch of teams from around here have them and have been passing inspection. due to the fact that they are non-functional

something like http://www.xoxide.com/5ftgreenelca.html

Question answered: https://vexforum.com/t/answered-decorative-electronics/20719/1