Left drive messing up??

We have provincials coming up soon, next week actually, and our left drive randomly turns extra 2-3 seconds, causing the hit to turn during auto and river. We are planning to replace the motors, but we’re wondering if anyone has run into the same problem?

Are your motors geared the same?

Yes they are

Could be the opposite motors overheating I guess, I would also check the connections to cortex/motor controllers, those might be coming undone.

If the motors are geared the same, then it seems to me that your problem lies with the left side of the drive has much more friction than the right side.

Well, if the left side turns a little extra every time, that would mean that there is more friction on the right side. Unless AliW meant that the drive turns towards the left. This is probably the most likely suggestion.

Regardless, it may also be a code thing. This is very very unlikely and probably a bad suggestion, but make sure that in your code you aren’t stopping in between the time that the left and right side set their joystick values to the motors. I don’t know why or how anyone would put a pause like this, but it’s worth a try.

After trying these and changing motors, try changing the motor controllers and ports. Again, this is unlikely, but it could be that the ports you are using, maybe one whole breaker, it responding to the code later than the other side.
If I think of anything else, I’ll definitely post. Good luck

The drive turns towards the left when reversing and driving forward but is more worse when going reverse.

We just tried changing motors and wheels on both sides and tested again and the problem still persists but on the different side.,right side.

Our problem is most likely because of friction but how would we overcome that, we replaced our wheels and motors

Did you put the wheels originally on the left side to the right side and vice versa (and the motors), or did you put new wheels and motors on both sides? Check all of the bearing blocks and make sure they spin smoothly. Make sure that all axles are 100% straight. Even the slightest bends can cause major issues. Make sure that all the bearing blocks are aligned as well. Take the axles out of the motors and make sure they each spin for a few seconds before stopping. This should help you reduce friction.

We had this same problem in our drive. We later found something was pressing on the motor’s electrical point. Try and see if anything is hitting or resting on the drive motors. As well if something is being used as a structural piece that connects metal between a motor and a wheel, make sure this metal is not too tight and pulling on the metal.