Left Joystick on Controller Sticking

I used 8 super kits last year for a middle school robotics class with no controller issues.

This year on the first build (Clawbot), two of the controllers are having issues with the left joystick. When we move it to the up or left, it sticks in that position and won’t return to center.

When I took the cover off, the joystick worked fine (returned to center). Put the cover back on and the joystick worked normally. Putting in any screw caused the joystick to get stuck again. So I took it apart again and cleaned the joystick and cover. However, once again when securing the cover with a screw, the joystick would get stuck. Even just loosening the cover (screws) didn’t alleviate the issue. We tried using some silicon spray and that didn’t help.

Any suggestions? I do have two controllers (one spare and the teacher’s) so the students will be able to continue this week. But I can’t seem to figure out a solution to repair the joystick. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated before I shell out money for two more controllers (or more).

EDIT: Update: Still not sure what changed, but the problem ended being too much pressure on the opposite side. That is, the joysticks were sticking up and left; the problem was down and right. So just sanded off some plastic and now they work again. So just another teachable moment for the students that sometimes the problem isn’t where you think it is (issue was up/left – problem was down/right).

Hi jstevens,

We are sorry that you have encountered this issue. While this problem has been resolved, if you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact VEX Technical Support at support@vex.com or by calling +1-903-453-0802 so we can provide additional assistance.


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