Leg Wheel Shooter design

if you created a shooter for Nothing but Net using the Leg Wheel can you send me a message on what you built and how it worked?


How would you do that? technically, you could have two geared together, spinning very very fast. When a ball catches in the hollow between the legs, it would get flung. Still, you’re missing a lot of mass and rotational velocity because the ball would be between the legs, and the wheel doesn’t weigh much. Still, curios to see someone else do this!

I can’t think of any good launchers that use leg wheels.
If you’re just looking for a use for them, the elastic intake that so many teams have now can be traced back to 6264’s tossup robot (Highest programming skills score in the world).

Hence why I asked. I can think of ways I could get one to work. For example take two wheels, cut one leg from one, all but one from the other. Set the one leg wheel in the ball trough, the other just outside. A little wobbly, but partially balanced and I now have a bigger window for the ball to get in front of the foot. Maybe a choo-choo mechanism to make it more of a puncher. Maybe it doesn’t make the high goal, but is 95% into the low goal.

I know that there are 8,000 robots out there, I’ve only seen about 170 of them (guessing that’s about the number you’ve seen). So ~7,800 other robots, so one tenth of one percent (0.1%) would be 7 robots.

Not looking for just a use, done a number of loader with them in the past. But I’m looking for a specific use, a shooter for Nothing but Net.

I’ve learned across the years to never underestimate the skills of VEX roboteers to build robots. While designs may converge on three, someone out there has built one of the leg shooters.

Come on lucky 7!

I saw one team that used the legged 6" wheel thingy’s to mount their custom polycarb or lexan or something sheet plastic flywheels if that counts…

@TurboTech Sure that counts. 1 down 6 to go!

So they made a big fly wheel with the legs as the spokes? One leg wheel or two (one in the center or one on each side of the plastic)? Any idea how they kept it on the legs? Did they have a single flywheel or two flywheels? Wonder what the RPM for a 6" flywheel would be (My 4" wheel calc says 2100, at 6" it’s telling me 1500, but that seems low)

If you are the team that TurboTech is talking about and want to keep your design a secret, send me a private message.

I cant remember which forum it was on but it was a dual horizontal flywheel.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsMmU0UCYkk I tried making a 6in single flywheel earlier this year. Hard to balance but very light. It wobbled terribly because it was heavier on one side. Made by wrapping lexan around two leg wheels.

With some spare time I decided to see if it would work.

Opted for a kicker design. First step to cut two of the legs off to make a double kicker. (The ball doesn’t really fit between the legs).

First trial slows that it will kick, but as Team241F noted, not a lot of mass (even less with two legs missing).

Bolted the two short legs to the long legs. That gave some more mass and increased the kicking toe area. A little more distance resulted.

Put two 4" wheels on either side to add some more mass to the kicker and make it more of a flywheel. The added mass helped, but it may need more to be able to recover to make a second shot.

Next up is to increase the rotation speed and to add a second motor.