Legacy motor controller as decoration with V5

Ok so basically I think I can hookup a legacy motor controller to a v5 3 wire port to control the brightness of decorative LEDs, is this legal because it mixes cortex and v5? (but its decoration…)

I’ve done that and it “works” You can only get 5 volts and not a lot of current, so at best you’ll be able to light a hand full of lights.

I’d suggest spending more time on the intake and less time on the decorations.


If you want a clarification on legality, then the Q&As are the place to go.

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Is it really mixing control systems though because you are using the V5 control system to control legacy parts? I feel that the rule is meant so that, as stated, you don’t use motors and/or servos between control systems. If LEDs were illegal, I would assume then that you would have to rule legacy sensors illegal. So in that fact, I would disagree as if legacy sensors are allowed for functional use with the V5 control system, it would be logical to allow the use of non-functional legacy LEDs with the V5 control system.

My bad I miss read the op. I thought he wanted to control leds with a legacy motor. I would agree that this is legal but check with q and a.


Yeah I have like 3ft of single color 5v leds, should be enough power. This will only take me like a half hour and I don’t have enough other stuff here at home to work anymore on the bot.


Thanks guys, I’d go check out the q&a but I’m not the primary contact for a team lol. I’ll probably just make the motor controller easily removable.