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Hello, Quick question. When running a program sometimes I hear just the motors clicking like they are trying to work .Any suggestions on what is causing the problem? I know the motors work .

Thank you for the help.

Internal clicking means broken gear teeth inside the motor, external means gears are skipping from mechanical/structural problems.

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I have had internal clicking from just a gear being loose, also are you using the small green clutches?

We do not use the clutches. Hmmmm

What are the clutches for anyways? I never figured out how to use them

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Clutches were originally shipped with really old servomotors that VEX used to make (these were prior to the old 393 motor). Since servomotors are both fragile, and have limited range of motion, a small clutch was provided to use with the servomotors. It’s a small cylinder about 1/2" diameter by 1/2" tall, and can click, or slip, into about a dozen positions. A clutch would protect a motor from overload which might break a gear or twist a shaft.