Legal Compass


I was looking for a compass module in vex components but I couldn’t find any.
I wonder if this module exists or it is possible to use available compass modules for our robot in skyrise competition.
My design really depends on it and from the fact that today almost every robot uses compass, I thought it makes sense to design with this module like any other robots that I have built for other competitions.


Unfortunately, there is no compass sensor currently available direct from VEX Robotics. This item is one which is sometimes requested by VEX users, and is certainly on our engineering team’s list of potential new VEX EDR products.

Is it possible for you to use a Gyro and measure relative rotation instead of absolute? If you ask in the community forums, there are lots of creative ways teams have successfully completed robot navigation without a compass.

Good luck with your design!

I just want to store the direction which the robot faces.
The problem with the gyro is the error adds up after a while causing the data become unreliable specially after when the robot has a crash.
How can I use a compass anyway?
I really need it.

I’m sorry to say again, that there is no VEX compass sensor.

If you’re asking about other legal compass sensors for use in the VEX Robotics Competition, we recommend reading the game manual:

In particular, pay careful attention to rule <R5>.

If you have any questions about this rule, or would like clarifications, please direct them to the official VEX Robotics Competition Q&A:

Let us know if you have any further questions.](