Legal Latex tubing

So we are seeing teams using pink latex tubing and other colors but we cannot locate any that meets the same dimensions as the vex 1/8 od and 1/16 I’d. Does anyone know a source for this product and has anyone been challenged on latex tubing sizing anywhere.

robosource has legal latex tubing, but it’s not pink:

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I don’t think anyone cares abt latex tube sizing. I didn’t even know there were restrictions on it until now

The referee doing your inspection at a competition cares. If you come to competition with something other than 1/8" latex tubing, plan to fail inspection.


I’ve went into competition with latex tubing and nobody checked the size. This is also in SoCal where the restrictions are followed to a tee

Well obviously, if it looks like 1/8" tubing, they’re probably not going to measure it or say anything. But if you came to competition with some other size, like quarter-inch for example, you better believe it will be rejected.


That’s understandable. It’s just that most times the tubing is stretched so it’s hard to tell with sizes like 3/16 imo.

Back to the question, maybe they special ordered it from a local shop or colored it themselves?

I’m assuming they colored it themselves, it shouldn’t be too hard to do because as long as you know the material, you could probably google it.

At a recent tournament in SoCal a robot was called out for using the wrong size of latex and they had to replace it. I wouldn’t take any chances.

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Does only the outside diameter matter…what was the size issue at the event.

The latex was visually a slightly different size. Loops of latex hung from the back of the tray after deployment and one of the refs asked to compare it with VEX latex tubing. It was slightly larger diameter, and the team was asked to replace it. The latex in question was bright pink, so very noticeable.

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As long as the product is identical to that sold by vex (other than color) it is legal for competition use. I wouldn’t be surprised if something obviously not the right size would be investigated at worlds this year. Worlds inspection has been known to check a wide variety of things like Lexan thickness and motor voltage.

Here’s an amazon link for an outsourced version of Latex tubing

Relevant Rule:
R5 Case D:
Any parts which are identical to legal VEX parts are permitted. For the purposes of this rule,
products which are identical in all ways except for color are permissible.

Edit: The robosource latex tubing is cheaper than the Amazon link I provided, though, it may still be viable if you have prime as it will remove the shipping costs.