Legal letters eg. 1234?

What letters cannot be used for a team number ?

When you register, you will learn what letters are legal and what letters are taken. Here is a list of all taken numbers.

I recall that you can’t use O or I (i), because they look like 0 and 1.

I’m pretty sure that you can’t use “I” or “O” because they could be confused with 1 and 0.
You can use L and Q even though a lot of people seem to think that you can’t.

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In addition to these, Q and L are are the only other banned letters due to the same reason.

Q has been used… ie: 10Q

10Q and 1410L

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It’s been used, and still available to use for the teams that have registered under it, but new teams can’t use these letters.

I know some teams(10Q is the first to come to mind) have Q as their letter, but I believe my school was denied using the letter when we tried.

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How well known are teams from my state (WA)?

I know them only from your videos on YouTube haha.

We don’t travel much to Washington. The drive is a killer from PA :slight_smile:

Exothermic (10) is one of the oldest teams around. So people know them from many years of high level participation in the Vex community.

1410L has been to worlds two years in a row now as well in the Middle School level.

I know of the 10 teams and 1410L. All others I only know through your videos.

OK, so people from other states do actually watch our videos

Yea I love your videos. I watched nearly all the Nbn ones

Oh for sure we watch your videos. They’re awesome! Please keep it up!

Best VEX videos on youtube:

I’m not sure how 1410 was issued “L,” but 10Q is one of the oldest teams in VEX, and has had that number for at least eight years. Before that they were FVC/FTC (with VEX) 418, and before that they had a one-year-only FVC number (3632?). Q, I, O, and L are not normally in use (I think there are maybe 2-3 “Q” teams in the whole program.)