Legal or illegal taking cones

Does anyone know if it’s legal to take cones off the other teams stationary goal.

It’s illegal

It’s very illegal. If you remove them intentionally or unintentionally it results in disqualification immediately (someone check me on that)

Meaning if you get near a goal be very careful not to tip it over.

It would not always result in a DQ, but it’s indeed a very serious violation, and if the violation affects the outcome of the match, it would result in a DQ.

You should read the rule book before posting on the Forums.

thanks for the helpful advice

I appreciate the sentiment, but I can tell you from experience that 1) a lot of new teams don’t even realize there IS a rule book, and 2) if they go looking for it, chances are pretty good they won’t find it. VRC is complex. Remember, you had the advantage of joining a successful existing program with a great mentor. New teams may have good mentors, but they usually don’t know any more than the students when first starting out.

A little politeness would be appreciated by new members of our community. Here are the In the Zone rules.

Agreed. Sorry that I was rude @mmp.aditya

You’re good. I must have jut passed over it when I read the rules