Legal Paint colors for Over-Under

Hi, I am part of MCCTC Vex 7882, we had green paint on our metal last year but the paint color was made illegal for Over-Under due to elements being green, we also found out that Red and Blue are Illegal as well as Grey and Black. Anyone know what colors are legal to paint our metal? We aren’t sure about yellow or purple as full element colors weren’t announced and Yellow was used in Spin Up as was Purple used in Tipping Point. Let Us Know any Legal colors. Thanks!

Which specific rule are you concerned about?
R8.d : Decorations that visually mimic Field Elements?


Mainly that yes. We can’t use green, red, Blue, black, or grey for that reason

It’s less about the color; it’s that you cant mimic a game element color / shape. You certainly would get questioned if you had a (Over Under) green acorn / oval shape on your robot but I don’t see why you couldn’t have a green pinstripe or green lettering. Black, grey, and white are everywhere.

The inspectors will look at your decorations and determine if the color layout could misrepresent a game element but outside of that, using all of the colors should be fine.

For example there were teams at worlds this year with full color graphics on the side of their bot but they didn’t have a yellow (Spin Up) disc which could confuse a sensor.