Legal Parts Appendix

Page 20 of the revised Game Manual states: “A comprehensive list of legal parts can be found in the VEX IQ Challenge Legal Parts Appendix, which will be released alongside the June 14th Game Manual Update (as noted in <G17>”. (should be “<G18>”)

Have I missed it somewhere? Does anyone have information?

Not all the rule about square away have been post but if your looking for the legal part list, here. From 2017-18

Legal Parts Appendix 20170817.pdf (5.0 MB)

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Thanks, I should have said I have that. Looking for this year’s.

The VIQC Legal and Illegal part appendices are now available. They can be found on this page:


Thank you for making them directly as PDF files, the zip file in the past made it difficult for many to easily access.