Legal parts for the robot

Our team is having a disagreement about what CAN be used for the robot. The manual says “Only VEX IQ components specifically designed for use in Robot construction are allowed. Using additional components outside their typical purpose is against the intent of the rule.” So does this mean parts used for previous game components are NOT allowed? What about similar parts such as beams but a different color than the gray? Thank you.

On this page of resources, you will find the current game manual as well as the legal Parts appendix and the illegal Parts appendix.


Ok, yes, thanks. I had seen that but we were comparing that to the parts list of a robot KIT. If it is on that legal parts list, it is okay to use in the construction of the robot then? Thank you.

You are not limited to the parts in a particular kit. You can use any part shown on the legal parts list for competition.

And all of the parts in this years field elements have appeared before. Have at it, looking forward to seeing your robot using all of those cool VEX-Hexbug parts!