Legal Piece Debate

Me and my team recently found a piece that is in the parts manual for legal parts cited here
Check page 29 for large dart launcher. We were a little skeptical and were not sure if the judges at worlds would allow this piece. Our idea is to tie a string to the dart and have this as our extension mechanism but since we have never seen this piece before I wanted to get takes from some veterans here to make sure that we are using a legal piece.

So, just to clarify, you’re asking if a part from the “legal parts list” would be a “legal part,” right???

The “Judges” at worlds won’t care…I’ve been to worlds several times as a judge, and can tell you first hand the neither I, nor any of my judge colleagues, have ever inspected a robot as a judge.

As for the inspectors (who are generally referees), if you have a concern that a “legal part” listed on the “legal parts list” is “legal”, then bring a copy of the “legal parts list” with you. You’re planning to use a legal string to tether it, right? …in IQ you can’t just use any string, but it would need to be one of the legal ropes found on the “legal parts list.”


It is on the legal parts index. Why do you think they won’t allow it? If you are concerned, have a copy of the parts index handy in case it is questioned.

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