Legal Rubber Bands

I am new to Robotics and wondering if the rubber bands my students use have to be VEX rubber bands or can I just order a bag off Amazon?


Not sure why you linked a discussion about the VRC rules to a question about IQ…

@Melzer77 Your question can be answered by the VEX IQ game manual, specifically rule R8e, which states:

Non-VEX IQ components. Robots are allowed to use the following additional “non-VEX IQ”
e. Rubber bands that are identical in length and thickness to those included in the VEX IQ product
line (#32, #64 & #117B).

I strongly recommend that you read the the game manual in its entirety, so as to avoid any surprises come tournament day.

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This is my first time to this Discussion so I was not sure how or where to post the questions.

I had done some research about the best rubber band and came across research by an IQ team on what they chose and why. If you do a site search for rubber band sorted by date you’ll come up with it.