Legal Shaft Lengths

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Right before the World Championships this year, I saw that the rules on modifying parts and cutting shafts to existing legal lengths were allowed. But now as I am looking at the new game rules, it does not state that they have to be existing legal lengths now. Does this mean the students can make any custom sized shaft or could we be expecting a rule change on this?

Parts may NOT be modified.
b. Cutting metal VEX IQ or VEX EDR shafts to custom lengths is permitted. This is the only legal
exception to this rule.

The way the rule is currently written, yes, you can cut axles to any length, not just lengths of existing pre-fab axles. My gut tells me that this was a deliberate change, but I have no insight into the GDC’s thought process here or anywhere else.

If you want an official answer to this question you can ask on the official O&A once it opens.

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Thank you @holbrook . I was planning on doing so once it opened but I wanted to see other’s opinions on this matter even though it is very trivial.

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