Legal Starting position for a robot

I am confused about the legal starting position of the robot. The rule book says “Each Robot must be placed fully within one of the two 13” x 20” Robot Starting Positions before the start of each Match.”

However, the rulebook also seems to show a clawbot starting outside of the 13"x20" rectangle – the claw is past the 20" position.

Can you confirm that this is a valid starting position - i.e. as long as the robot only touches the floor within a 13" x 13" square, and this 13x13 square is bound within the 13"x20" starting position, parts of the robot can then extend beyond the 13"x20" starting position.

So, at the start of the match, the front wheel of the clawbot can be placed as far forward as possible within the 13x20 starting rectangle – even if it means that the entire lifting mechanism extends beyond the 20" line.




The first image is showing a Robot that has satisfied <G2a> and only <G2a>. Robots are still required to satisfy <G2b> and <G2c>.