Legal Strategies?

Hi guys, I’m sure many of you were surprised by this year’s game I am definitely excited to play it. However, I have one question. I haven’t found a rule that says you can’t do this. So, would it be a legal and valid strategy for a team to knock down all the cones to make it difficult for the other alliance to score? I may have missed this rule in the guide. If so, can somebody please quote it? Thanks!

It is legal, however, how would you score?

If you had a way of picking them up when they’re knocked down (adjustable angle claw?) and your opponents didn’t…

There is a hole at the top of them. It would be just as easy to use this hole to intake whether they were knocked down or standing up.

but the whole is only on two sides it will be awkward to just go by the hole

Yeah, I didn’t think about that.

Ha! Definitely legal and I had the same thought for a strategy. I’m afraid however that if you had your own way of picking up knocked over cones and the opponents did not, this would only work for the beginning of the season… guessing.

Hey Sharil! It’s Benni Boi! Also that’s a violation of SG5 I think
<SG5> Robots may not intentionally or accidentally, indirectly or directly, remove Cones from an
opponent’s Stack.]

OP is not talking about “stacked cones” rather cones that start on the field in the non-stacked state.

I imagine that by the end of the season teams will be picking up cones so fast that taking the time to knock them over will be a waste of your own precious time. Unless you can figure out a way to knock over cones very fast.

Make a big spinning blade that can knock them all over. But as i saw somewhere else “not being able to pick up cones from any orientation will be suicide”.


Lol i was gonna say that but didnt know if he/she would get the reference… We are on a robotics forum tho…

Haha, I was lucky enough to get a picture with tombstone down in KY

I think it depends. If you gather cones as fast as you can while they’re still upright, then play defense once they’re all down (and do your driver loads), score the mobile goals, you could still come away with a victory.

Obviously it’s better to be able to gather fallen cones, but probably not suicide.

Would it be a violation of SG9 to knock down two cones at a time? Or would that count as ‘accidentally’ pushing them?

i assume a violation of SG9 because you are manipulating 2 at one time.

It really depends on how fast they can knock them over.

But would it be possession of we used a non concave mechanism to knock, say a c channel from the side

Hey Ben! I don’t think that rule applies because you would be knocking down cones on the floor, which aren’t in a stack. Also, the opponent has no control or possession over those cones, so I’d assume that it means it’s not really violating SG5.