Well the rules are confusing to many including myself.
So the scenario is this. A robot holds a mobile goal inside itself. Can the robot grab a cone and stack it on the held goal then once stacked… grab another and repeat.
Legal? Not legal?

That would be considered possessing two different things which is NOT legal.

I thought about that, but one is a cone and one is a stack on a goal. Since it is named a mobile goal… I would think it would be legal as long as it is on the mobile goal.
This is so unclear! I am not so sure about this game.

That would be legal. One is a mobile goal, and the only limit is that you can only possess one cone at a time.

yes this is legal

This is legal because it does not count toward possession if it is on a goal.

This is the official ruling saying that stacked cones on mobile goals don’t count as your 1 cone.

After reading that a bit closer I see that it is indeed legal, my bad.

You’re good