Legality and existence of parts

I know this is similar to previous RTM threads, but I wish to expand upon the premise. Many new students have started since the program began or have otherwise not had an unaltered vex experience. While you’re Cad’ing your bots and researching designs, in addition to reading the manual, if you aren’t sure what a part is or its legality isn’t clear, please consult to see if vex sells it before creating a topic or posting about it. There are some legal products that vex doesn’t sell so no problem if you need to ask but the website is an important tool so please use it.

Thank you


proceeds to create a topic


This is to let people know that there is a useful resource before creating a topic to ask about things like “custom hinges” (just the first example I’d thought of). That quote was taken out of context.

I mean you’re entirely right, but most people that make topics like that tend not to read other topics first, so this doesn’t really help the situation. just show them the manual and explain the rules, that’s the best way to help and teach them that reading the manual is important.


Posting rules questions should be:

I read the rules. I want to do X but section z.x.c. does not cover it, but maybe section z.c.b does cover it but it is splitting over elements I and iii. What common sense item would cover this.

Code questions should be for my (Vrc/VIQ/VEXU) robot I’m coding using this tool C, C++, Python, blocks, using the force like Yoda, and not getting a correct action. I’ve uploaded my code and I think the problem is around lines 123 to 139. Here is a picture to help see where the motors are being used.

Thanks Santa, that concludes this year’s Christmas list.


while we’re dreaming can I add that new members shouldn’t treat the forum as a social media app?

and that DRow shouldn’t be pinged unless he needs to.

and that there shouldn’t be new chit chat topics made daily.

lots of things to wish for in a perfect world.


Geeeze don’t get me started, as one of the first users in the ARPANET at Delaware.(Foster@udel) I have often wished for a you Must Be This Smart to ride the Internet. While It would mean that I’d need to go over and see Grammy, but at least she wouldn’t be posting her Qanon stuff on reddit.

I met a genie and made a deal, every time someone says “and this is why WE can’t have nice things” I get a dollar. So far, working out well, lots of Dollar piles here in the robot lab …


On this topic, is there any sort of way to search for the part I’d that comes with every single part? (i.e. 111-222-3344). Thanks!

I’m not certain. But if you know what it is, you can go to the product page and find it there. All I can say is to hunt it down on the website.

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That seems rather counterintuitive. Thanks anyway.

So I’m still kind of cycling back to old topics between the Holiday and other things going on I fell behind.

Noah, you know that the “allowed IQ parts list” has all the IQ parts listed if that’s what you are looking for. If you want to know what Hexbug kit it came from, that’s a little harder. You can post here the part number and the description and maybe someone here will recognize it. Art_Dutra_IV (Vex employee) seems to have a full cross reference so invoking him may get you a response. He’s come back to me a few times on how to find that part.

The VEX search engine is pretty good on part numbers that fall into the xxx-yyyy level, but with IQ having the colors the last quad isn’t searchable.


Can we like actually do something about this? Would it be so hard to put a “image posts only” rule on the meme thread? Could we not limit the creation of chit chat threads to once a week? Could we not automatically close a chit chat thread when it reaches 100 replies?

Sure, like you could have with this thread? It’s about legal parts. I answered Noah’s legal part questions and here you are about chit chat threads that was an off topic branch of this thread.


With the launch of VEX GO, we tested a new interactive parts poster on our website:

After clicking on any thumbnail image of an individual part, you’ll get links to both Knowledge Base articles (to learn how to use that specific part), as well as links to specific accessory pack SKUs (to buy spares or replacements of that given part).


If you are talking about the astronaut, yes, I believe I have seen it on the website for individual sale.

It’s awesome, I love it! That will be a big help with GO teams.

Will you be doing the same with IQ? With my “remote roboteers” this would be a big help to my parents. While I think the current order system is better than Amazon, they don’t get the “click for more parts” button at the bottom. Maybe if there was a “click for ALL parts” button that would help.

In any case, I love the extra effort going into making GO successful.


We’ll likely be rolling out this same type of interactive parts poster for all new flagship GO/IQ/V5 kits.

Longer term, an “all IQ” and “all V5” interactive poster pages would be an immensely useful addition for any users asking “what is this part, and how do I use it?” or competition teams asking “how can I get more of this part?”. We’d had some informal discussions about a concept like this, but we already have a lot of cool projects in the pipeline ahead of it.


Nice to see that you’ve taken the mantel from Grant in teasing out new cool things coming our way.

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