Legality of 3D Printed License Plate Holders

Okay so there are these 3D printed license plate holders that one of our sister teams designed for and won on an online challenge.

Our teams want to use them, mostly to show off our challenge-winning design, but also because they look good, and make license plate swapping EXTREMELY simple. However they were rejected at the Kalahari Classic last year as well when our teams used them.

Though the rules (as far as I’m aware) don’t allow any 3D printed parts, I think it is technically within the spirit of all the other rules, since license plates are non-functioning, and these, even though they technically have a function, are only holding something that is non-functioning.

However these were allowed at worlds last year.

So just to be very clear, does anyone have any thoughts regarding this? Are these legal as long as they are non-functioning (not counting holding the license plates)?


3D printing license plate holders are legal, I will garuntee you that this is correct because 315 and many other teams competed at Google and VEX Worlds 2019 with one.


i agree with the dude before me.

Since the plates have no function, they should be fine as long as they don’t allow tactical advantage.



Yeah I was 90% positive they were legal, but this thread is mostly for tournament hosts and event partners to see.


The only way to have an official ruling on this that EPs can use is to ask on the official Q&A. If they respond that it is ok, just print that up and take it with you - per the game manual, if it is from the official Q&A it is an official game rule. Anything written on the forum is just chit-chat and can’t be used to prove anything to EPs or tournament hosts. Unless it is OFFICIAL, they can choose to allow or disallow depending on who does inspections and you will just have to accept their stance.