Legality of 3D Printed Vex IQ parts

I am going to preface this by saying I think this has not brought up, if I print parts that are VIQC Legal, can I use them in competition? (And if no, can they really tell?)

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This is not legal for VIQC. It would violate R7 and is not exempt with R8. In general, 3D printing is almost never allowed unless it is a Vex U competition or for license plates.

Yes, they could be able to tell. in the article you linked -

a person could tell due to defects caused by printing.


But if it’s inside your robot…

All jokes aside thanks I am blind

If you print something, it is, by definition, not VIQC legal.

Maybe not, but it is a valid rule, and I would have a conscience issue if I printed something. People often follow rules for reasons other than to not get caught breaking them.

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Yea, I just can’t get some pieces as our mentor would not get them, so it would be useful to have.

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So you don’t have the resources to buy the part you need, but you do have the resourses to 3D print the part?

Can I ask, what are you looking for?

No, I have the resources to 3D print the part, but the mentor does not want to purchase the part.


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You realize

  • You absolutely may not use your 3D printed anything on your robot at competition.
  • Your mentor doesn’t have to buy the thing from VEX; you can buy it.


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What would be worth doing is 3D printing the part so you can prove to your mentor why it is valuable in your design, which may support your argument for purchasing one and will be a great entry in your engineering notebook.


Yes, I understand. I also hope you understand as a minor it is kinda difficult to purchase something and have it ship to your house without parents getting involved, you may have the gift of supportive parents. But not everyone has that. I will be using @calvc01 idea, thank you.

But at this point my question has already been solved, so I ask the great God @DRow to put this thread to rest please.