Legality of a wallbot using mobile goals

Someone at our club had an interesting robot suggestion today and I’m curious as to whether it would be considered legal.

The design in question is an omni-direction drive that is able to pick up two mogos, flip them sideways, then hold them out either side of the robot. Utilizing the 36" expansion limit plus the 40" mogo and a 21" mogo, a robot could potentially take up almost 97" out of a total field width of 144".

This could be used to block off a large area of the home zone in order to hoard the remaining 5 mogos on field (including opponent mogos for 40 point swing).

However, <SG10> states:

Use Scoring Objects to play the game. Scoring Objects may not be used to accomplish
actions that would be otherwise illegal if they were attempted by Robot mechanisms (e.g., Interfering
with an opponent’s Autonomous routine per <SG4>.)

In this case, would a horizontally held mogo be consiered a violation of <SG10> since the occupied area is now wider than 36"?


There is no rule that limits how you hold and manipulate a mobile goal, so you’re good there. Game elements do not count when measuring expansion, and rules are not selective regarding “intent”.

SG10 has specific applications of trying to do illegal actions, like using a game object as a battering ram to knock over an opponent, claiming it was the object, not your bot that did it.