Legality of Cloth

So I’ve seen a lot of teams that use cloth to keep cones from getting stuck in their robot. Is this legal? And if so, how much can I use?

This cloth that you are referring to is called anti-slip mat. You can find it here:

You are allowed an infinite amount of this. I, personally, prefer lexan for covering the robot because it’s more likely for a cone to just slide out. Unfortunately, you only get 12”x24”, and it is a bit more expensive.

Anti-slip mat is better for moving parts, though. (For example, underneath a lift, so nothing can get stuck inside your robot).

You’re allowed an infinite amount but it has to be in pieces no larger than what vex sells. This was answered in a Q&A last season. I believe the size Vex sells is 12x15.

The cloth just saved me in my last competition because I had a giant ditch in my robot where cones could get stuck. Slapped some of that material on it and it was fixed instantly!!

That is correct. Both the thick and the thin anti slip mat is sold as a 12X15 section.

Would it be legal to stick two of the mats together, using some of your unlimited Nylon rope? :wink:

I believe so

Zipties would be easier